Dancing in Time 2011

‘Shedding Skins’ begins on 17th October and is open until 18th November 2011.

The private view is on 21st October when the show will be formally opened by Eileen Adams. Eileen is the driving force behind The Big Draw and The Campaign for Drawing.

View the work and read more here:

Shedding Skins – my work

Drawing with Light – working with adults and young people

I hope you will be able to join us in Aberystwyth for the show, but if you can’t I hope you enjoy seeing some of the work here.

The Energy Gift Exchange is about presence, drawing and presents. You give me the gift of your presence, I will draw your movement and make a gift of the drawing to you. I have invited guests to come and participate, but there will be plenty of opportunities for you to participate should you wish to.

This Exchange is part of the Big Draw 2011 in collaboration with Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

The Energy Gift Exchange is an important event that runs throughout the show and I will keep you updated about how it goes. The current event timetable looks like this:


17 Mon

Jane Chapman (yoga)

Lynne Denman (singing/storytelling)

Annie Suganami (flute)

19 Wed

21 Fri

2-4pm Annie Suganami (flute)

8pm-9pm (Private View)

Ben March and Will Mahon playing Bodhran and Flute

26 Wed

Dafydd Roberts (actor)

28 Fri

Dr Ditty Doktor (story in Dutch, then English)
Simon Harmer (Southern step dancing)

31 Mon


1 Tues

Esyllt Harker (singer/storyteller)

9 Wed

Julie Murphy and Ceri Owen Jones

Michael Harvey (storyteller)

11 Fri

Cath Little (storyteller)
Busnoys (jazz)

16 Wed

Jill Piercy (Qigong)

17 Thurs

John Harvey (Sonic improvisation)

18 Fri

 Amanda Rackstraw(writer/actor)

Annie Suganami (flute)