Afon Teigl a Afon Dwyryd 

Source to Sea

Inktense pencils on vellum, river branch, bones, ink and fishing line.

Size: 140cm (h) x 90cm (w) x 10cm (d)

This piece was made by following the run of water from its source at LLyn Y Manod, down the mountain, through the Ffestiniog valley to the place where it meets the sea in the Dwyryd estuary.

I carried a piece of vellum and laid it out on the ground near the water. Every mark on the vellum is an observed action of the water at that place.

The vellum is suspended from a branch pulled out from the river and hung with bones found near the sites on the mountain. Each bone is inscribed with the OS reference for that place and hung in order of the water’s descent.

There is a video of the making of this piece: Cydgyfeiriad Convergence video

I hope to connect you to time and place and immerse you in the quality of water that each place offers.

This piece is currently on show in:

Women’s Art in Wales- A Personal View

Celf Menywod yng Nghymru – Golwg Bersonol 

Selected by guest curator Jill Piercy / Wedi’r dethol gan y curadur gwadd Jill Piercy

05.2021 – 4.9. 2021   The Owen Owen Gallery and The Bridge, MOMA Machynlleth