The private view was a lively and well attended event – although I didn’t manage to photograph the crowds. I handed my camera to friends and asked them to record the event for me since I was drawing. You can see some of the images below.
Eileen Adams gave a speech to open the show.
Ben March and Will Mahon played Irish music for me and I drew their movements in a live demonstration of the video projection drawing technique. Apart from two short breaks, the musicians played and I drew most of the evening. I was surprised by the sustained interest in the demonstration.
There was a steady stream of people all evening as they toured the various spaces in the show.
Later on Arts 4 Wellbeing practitioners Mike and Sarah volunteered to try the drawing technique for themselves. While they drew and moved I manipulated the projected image through the video mixer and Mike declared he ‘wanted one’.
People also took the opportunity to complete the ‘map’ response forms for me, which will form part of my research.