Dafydd Wyn Roberts  sang songs written by Howie Phillips. He sang Drifting Away, Comfort and Happiness, Wounded in Love, Blindside and Tears. Although I only drew Dafydd’s movement, the recognizable image of man and guitar is discernible in the final drawings. The acoustics were quite good in the gallery and drew in students and visitors to listen and watch. Dafydd also performed some scenes from the late Mark Ryan’s play Sean Tyrone. Drawing the music was intense, because the songs are relatively short, but as I have found with drawing musicians before – some of the movements become repetitive and the focus of attention tends to be around the face and the hands. While drawing Dafydd as he performed scenes from the play was more unpredictable, and used the space more. Therefore, the drawings are less readable or recognizable in a figurative sense.

In the afternoon a group of student volunteers joined me to assist in running a short taster workshop with a group from Canolfan Padarn. We had a great afternoon playing with possibilities in the projection. I loved the drawings the participants produced and by the end of the session Eddie was improvising on the piano while David and Chris drew the music together onto a collaborative drawing. Their work was interactive and inspirational, they seemed to have fun while also taking the task seriously. Their drawings displayed a good variety of marks and their observational skills improved as the session went on.