My primary practice is drawing, and I often say that I live in my sketchbooks. I love to draw dancers, music, animals, stories and natural forms both in situ and in the studio. I perform drawings on stage, in galleries and in the landscape.

I show work in galleries and perform drawing at live events. My work is held in private and public collections nationally and internationally. See more on the Artworks page.

My PhD research explored how to draw movement from observation, assisted by digital technology. For more information see the Shedding Skins section.

I enjoy putting my drawing skills to use, especially in collaboration with storytellers and writers. See Illustration.

Enabling others to experience their own creativity is a passion. I create workshops and courses for individuals and groups. I work in schools, colleges, galleries, community and healthcare settings  across the UK and abroad. Visit the Education section.

Last but not least, keep up with my latest events and courses in the News section.

Enjoy my website and if you would like any further information do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact me here.